Saturday, June 10, 2006

Just a morning quicky.......

While doing my morning perusing of oddballs I noticed something different.
On Carl's blog, under his "About Me" section he has taken out the part about Jewish interests that need to be stopped in this country. Curious indeed!

Now what do you suppose that is all about? Something to ponder....? Nah!

We all know it's about being sneaky!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"I'm just astonished at....."

"Judith's obvious hatred of me - I've never met her, don't personally know anyone named Judith. I personally don't hate her because I don't know her. Oh well."

So says Carl Loerbs when addressing another "white supremacist" meatball on his blog.

He just doesn't understand....he just doesn't get it....are these clowns for real?
Do they honestly believe this BS they spew constantly? The guy links up to a number of Jew hating sites, quotes parts of an online addition of William Pierce's pathetic novel that in part talks of walking Jews of all ages off to execute them and the stupid freak acts puzzled about my obvious dislike for him.

With people like Carl there are no shades of gray in the world. Like the amateur magician he is though, he tries to make you think he is just the Average Joe on the street. Just looking for a quiet, safe and secure place to rest his weary, aging head. Just a nice least until the sun goes down, the moon comes out and he changes into a creature of darkness.
And like this creature of darkness he isn't picky about his victims !

So in a way I'd say hate is too vague of a word to use for people like Carl Loerbs, David Pringle, David Duke, Kevin Alfred Strom, Eric Gliebe or their stand by their man wives and anyone else who has come of age that takes up their causes.
In a way I don't have time to hate because I'd rather spend my energy on exposing their hideous side to the world.

One thing at a time thing at a time.

I don't want you "white" power crowd to think I'm just focusing on you though.
There are more like you out there only they are your comrades on the left and their terrorist poster boys they find necessary to support, coddle and import into the country.
I'll get around to those watery-eyed vampires soon enough!