Friday, December 28, 2007

You're damned if you do and damned if you don't!

Someone over in Bethlehem (a place that is really part of Israel) is not happy with the wall that keeps out the murderers of Jewish children and grandparents. It seems to be upsetting his lifestyle or so he says.
Although! Jack Giacaman is still selling his carved, wooded crap to the tourists that are now returning to Bethlehem, especially at this time of year. They are returning because it is safer.

Gee, could that have something to do with the fact the wall is keeping the terrorists from using Bethlehem as a spot to cross over into Israel? Isn't it odd that the safer Israel might be, the safer some place like Bethlehem might be, also!

So, this year instead of the three wise men visiting the baby Jesus in a stable they are visiting him next to the "apartheid" wall as the nitwits of the world call it, carved by good ol' Jack.
Of course the news services such as McClatchy Washington Bureau makes sure they plaster this pathetic, whining fools story all over the Internet. Why would they do that?

First they say Bethlehem is seeing an upswing in people visiting than turn around and post this BS.! Now why would they do that?
Well, I know why and it's because they just can't help themselves when it comes to complaining about Jews.
If you can't find a story make one up. I've seen that done more times than I care to!

This complaint comes from a Christian and not a Muslim. What is with that? It only means one thing and that is, all these people like Jack, whether their families were converted by Muslims or Christians at some point in history are all from the same background mentally.
It doesn't matter what those people claim to profess, the Jews are going to be their whipping boy.
Even though I've never heard of a Jew taking over a church in Bethlehem and using their Bibles as toilet paper.

I'm personally tired of how these anti-Israel clowns of these religions that claim their rewards come in the afterlife should even give that much of a damn about land. Aren't you waiting for those 72 virgins or streets of gold in heaven? You push your after-life ideas down everyone's throat but can't keep your fat fingers off the Jews or their land!
You can bet if someone claimed they were owed a piece of the land that the Vatican sits on, land in Mecca or land some crackpot Unitarian Bible Camp sits on there would be such a cry to the heavens it would be heard around the world.
But the Jews? Well....humph! They just need to sit down, shut up and take a couple thousand more years of pogroms, death camps and general all around abuse.
Just too amazing isn't it?

I really liked how this blogger expressed poor old Jack's complaint on their site.

"Tis the season for glad tidings...Unless you're a deranged Jew-bashing woodcarver in Bethlehem."

There shouldn't be a need for this wall, there shouldn't be jerks like Jack Giacaman even allowed in Israel and Bethlehem, whether you want to admit it or not, is part of Israel.