Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Websites, bloggers and the courts.

I'm not sure if the following comment was suppose to make me shiver in my shoes or let me know that websites like Hal Turner's will soon be out of business.

"Courts are asked to crack down on bloggers, websites
Those attacked online are filing libel lawsuits
By Laura Parker

The comment was concerning the post "Another non-sensical comment".
All I can say is there is nothing I print on here that isn't true, even the one about Pringle going to dizzyland. White supremacists reside there about every day of the week actually.

Anyone with a brain realizes what is printed on the web can usually be found if you dig long enough.
If someone like Turner, Pringle, Duke or any other turd says something, they should be careful how they use their words because it just might come back and bite them in the ass. So if anyone feels what I post on here is a lie too freaking bad. I only repeat what I read from the turds.

You see when there are blogs like this one "DAY OF THE ROPE" or that features the same reference to the "Day of the rope" I am not really too worried about some turd like Hal Turner, their wives, brats or a toady posting comments about how people are having legal actions taken against them.

So take your little USA Today articles and read them yourselves. Just remember to sound out those big words and everything will be A-OK!

Another non-sensical comment

This one was written by Anonymous (how surprising!) a while back for the April Gaede post that I wrote.

"If you Jews would only stop pushing multiculturalism and gay rights and every other leftist agenda under the sun the white "supremacists" would have no problem with you. Most American Jews have a majority of European ancestry anyway."

If you Jews? Really? All Jews think alike huh? Dang! I guess that saying about two Jews and three different opinions has just been proven wrong by someone too afraid to even write their own name on a comment posted to my blog.

If I tell one of these mental midgets I'm a conservative they find something wrong with it. I'm not "their" brand of conservative. OK.................!
So how conservative is conservative?

I get it! I have to want to lynch blacks like Hal Turner is always recommending and that includes small children. Yes, he has suggested if you can't get a five year old girl to calm down you should just lynch her. You white nationalists, racialist, supremacists are such manly men! It takes a lot of work to attack small children, huh?
I wonder if he has threatened his son with lynching if he grew up and married outside of his race? Yep! I'd bet on that one! Maybe someone should turn Hal in for child abuse.

Anyway, back to my original thought here. If you Jews? I think Anonymous is another person in need of a 12 step program. You blame others for everything and are so afraid of the world you can't even identify yourself.

Talk about victim mentalities! Grow up!

If you think the guy with a bird on his head is stupid......

I was perusing the comment section of Hal Turner's website and came upon this remark from some toad named Jon in Colorado and it makes no sense what-so-ever!

"I don't like Jews but I absolutely HATE and DESPISE filthy black NIGGER beasts! I have never known any Jewish people but I am sure I have felt their negative effects without knowing it. But NIGGERS is a different story. The nigger infestation is everywhere here in Denver. NIGGERS and SPICS. Don't come to "COLOR" ful COLORADO folks, you will be sorely disappointed. It's going to the fucking dogs.
Jon | 10.03.06 - 10:46 pm | # "

This is what I call not seeing the forest for the trees problem. It's like a drunk blaming everyone for their alcoholism. The only problem here is Jon. Obviously Jon has a crappy life, no clue about how to fix it and therefore blames everyone including ones he has never met.

This is the stinking thinking of those like Jon who reads and agrees with websites like Hal Turner's. They spend their days so wrapped up in hating the rest of the world they don't realize their own lives are falling down around their heads from that wasted time.

Try a 12 Step program Jon it sounds like you could use one.