Friday, July 28, 2006

Carl hates hate unless it calls for lynching little kids.

I was told off by Carl the other day on his blog about being full of hate or some such thing as that!
Today when I checked his site he was thanking some clown that calls himself a "white god" which means he has erectile disfunction but that is another story!

Anyway...this guy Tom has his own blog that calls for lynching black children just like Hal Turner has called for the lynching of black children. I guess it's easier for a "white god" to handle because an adult might break the bastards nose and we can't have a "white god" getting his nose broke.

Well at the moment I'm pressed for time here and to make my point I will say Carl Loerbs, previously hopeful political candidate doesn't mind people who speak of lynching but anyone who disagrees with that is a hater. Anyone who talks back to his ilk is a hater.

Carl didn't want to run for office, Carl wanted to run for "white god" dictator!

Well, Carl, you weren't appointed that title but I will give you the title of, RICHARD CRANIUM!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And they are still filthy liars!

In my last post I mentioned some pictures that were circulating the internet.
Well I did some searching on these photos taken by an Israeli photographer Sebastian Scheiner.
The pictures have been used to accuse Israel of teaching their children to scribble such things as "love to Lebanese children" on these bombs and that isn't the truth at all.
There was no mention of children on these bombs. The thinking behind this was like anyone else would look at it. These bombs were intended for adult terrorists who were dropping rockets on Israeli towns and cities. Should a person allow their children to sign a bomb? Well, if you sit in a living room as opposed to a bomb shelter it is easy to say, no. I'm not sitting in a bomb shelter in Israel waiting for someone to drop something on my head and kill me. If someone was dropping bombs on me I'd probably be signing a few bombs that were intended for them myself.
It's all part of the human condition.

I do remember when we in the United States cheered the idea of our military signing bombs that we dropped after the attack of September 11, 2001.
It's not the first time and it won't be the last.
I bet people carved their names into cannonballs at some time in history. Nothing new, nothing unusual.

The thing is no one has wished ill on the children of any least not most of us.

If you read Islamic terrorists remarks though they have no problem wanting to kill Jewish children, they dance around with their own children on their shoulders who are dressed up in fake bomb belts. They start teaching their children at a young age that Jews are all pigs and need to die. Their bombs are intended to kill everyone including the innocent!

Then you have the self-righteous mamzers (mamzer: a child born from incest) such as David Duke, Kevin Strom, Hal Turner and the rest of the wet brains of the white power groups who feign shock over such pictures when these same filthy mamzers peddle books like "The Turner Diaries" or their hate video games that preach killing mixed race couples, their kids, Jews and their kids, blacks and their kids...get my drift?

How I see it is these mamzers like Duke, Strom and Turner are projecting their own vile thinking on to the Jews.

Monday, July 24, 2006

What makes a liar?

There have been some photos circulating the internet lately and no one seems to have the answer of where they came from originally.
It's suppose to be pictures of young Jewish girls signing bombs that are being dropped on Lebanon.
You can find them posted on David Duke's website, Hal Turner's website, Kevin Alfred Strom's website and assorted left wing sites.

I've written and asked a number of these people where they found the photos, who originally took the photos and I've not received one reply that gives me a straight answer.
One person said they found them on the BBC news site a couple of weeks ago. The BBC? Give me a break here! We all know how the BBC works and they are far from being neutral in their reporting of what goes on with Israel! So much for Jewish controlled media, huh?

Besides that, the time they found them and the time they told me they had found them posses a huge question! How the hell did they have pictures of these kids before anything even started happening over there? How did they have pictures of supposedly dead Lebanese before the bombing started?
Can anyone say, Islamic terrorists bull crap?! I would bet a months pay that these photos are not even near Israel or the Israeli people.
So the likes of Mr. Duke, Mr. Turner, Mr. Strom and you left wing crackpots are doing what you do best, LIE!

Besides that I am wondering why someone like Duke, Turner and Strom gives a hoot about a brown skinned child when they call them mud races and animals.
Oh, sorry! I forgot the whole thing is due to their hatred of Jews.