Friday, July 28, 2006

Carl hates hate unless it calls for lynching little kids.

I was told off by Carl the other day on his blog about being full of hate or some such thing as that!
Today when I checked his site he was thanking some clown that calls himself a "white god" which means he has erectile disfunction but that is another story!

Anyway...this guy Tom has his own blog that calls for lynching black children just like Hal Turner has called for the lynching of black children. I guess it's easier for a "white god" to handle because an adult might break the bastards nose and we can't have a "white god" getting his nose broke.

Well at the moment I'm pressed for time here and to make my point I will say Carl Loerbs, previously hopeful political candidate doesn't mind people who speak of lynching but anyone who disagrees with that is a hater. Anyone who talks back to his ilk is a hater.

Carl didn't want to run for office, Carl wanted to run for "white god" dictator!

Well, Carl, you weren't appointed that title but I will give you the title of, RICHARD CRANIUM!


Yankee_James said...

I'm sure you're listening to David Pringle's show right now?

Please tell us what you think about his guest...April Gaede? ;)

Judith said...

No, I'm afraid I missed that show, I had other things in life to do at the moment. I have heard her interviewed in the past and found her lacking in IQ.

french said...

Yankee jim,
it seems obvious if you look at the stats here that jewdith has no friends and not even her own brethen bothers to post here ,,I just thought it would be amusing to give her some views from us to titalate her lack of life and perhaps elevate her iq in what she post but it seem futile ..anyway what a farce she /he it is ,lets pass on the news that this twit deserves absulutely no responce nor does she even have an impact within her own ..oyveee poor ugly duckling