Saturday, November 07, 2009

Islam isn't responsible...well that is an understatement!

Before I even finished the first sentence of this BreitBart article a thought came to my mind, if Islam really isn't responsible (because they (Muslims) constantly come up with the "we condemn", "Islam doesn't teach this") why have we not once seen the majority of them lift a finger to stop it!
I never have and neither has anyone else. CAIR and groups like them can write all the "we condemn" BS they want BUT they aren't willing to stop it! They will give you excuses though why...
been there, done that.

It isn't a religion of peace, it's a religion of terroristic excuses.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maestro Munger aka Gustav and his Jew hating posts

For the second time in the last few months this dickless fool (Maestro "Gustav" Munger) has posted a link to a "YouTube" video done by some self hating tard-o named Max Blumenthal that basically tries to portray Jews in Israel as being huge haters of that guy the liberals call President. No, I don't consider that silly twit in the White House to be my president and have no problem stating it. I highly doubt the man was even born in the United States therefore making his term as President fraudulent.

Anyhoo...Maestro Munger has this extreme hatred for Israel and although I'm not into betting this is one I would wager money on that he would take sides with some of our local "white" supremacists if he knew Israel and the Jews there could be driven into the sea.

I suggest you liberal Jews out there wake the hell up and smell the coffee. Munger and his kind are the same sort that helped march people off to the death camps not that many years ago.
You keep taking his side though and you will be finding the same fate for yourselves if he and his kind have their way. Remember history has a way of repeating it's self.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So they arrested Hal Turner and?

It seems he called for the deaths of a few judges but when was that anything new for him?

He's called for deaths, attacks and other assorted illegal activities for years now and suddenly they arrest him? Go figure...

And why haven't they arrested the freaks on the left that are in the same boat as Hal Turner when they display signs that say "We support our troops when they shoot their officers".

Amazing! Truly Amazing!

I'd like to deport the whole lot of them to some place like Saudi least they would make a quick and not so happy end to the lot of them and their so called "freedom of speech".

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The left wing bloggers on the shootings at the Holocaust Museum!

You can hear the crickets chirping!

A couple of local nutjobs by the name of Linda Kellen-Biegel and Philip Munger have absolutely nothing on their blogs about it. I haven't looked at the rest because I'd be wasting my time.

Munger, who goes by the screen name "Gustav" (imagine that!) is slamming the Jews on his site though. What is so ridiculous about it though is he is using a video of drunk 20 somethings off of YouTube to show how nasty Jews are. I can only imagine the drunken, stoned out of their mind talk amongst the left wing liberal 20 somethings...I'm sure that is just full of love and peace, uh huh!

That is as pathetic as Eddie Burke using Wikipedia as a source of reference. *snicker*

Go choke on your horn, Phil! You're an idiot!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Just a little note to all you pckrhds out there....

I'm still around! Just thought you might like to know that.

Have a good day and don't choke on anything!