Friday, June 04, 2010

And Helen "the nose" Thomas just keeps going on and on...

Here she is spouting her wrinkled old mouth about how the Jews of Israel should go "home" to Poland and Germany. Home? Why don't you go home Helen? Take your wrinkled old self back to Lebanon, where your family crawled out from under a rock before coming here, and stay there! We don't need your terrorist loving self in the United States! We have enough problems already.

It didn't take her long to issue an apology about what she said. You know what you can do with that apology don't you Helen? There is a deep, dark hole you can shove it in and leave it there.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The day Helen Thomas gasps her last

will be a great day.

Here she is spewing her nonsense at a White House question and answer over these so called peace activist and the Israel IDF.

Of course I commented on that website but they aren't going to print it. Typical pali supporting pukes that they are.

The left argues until you back them into a corner.

Then they just resort to assorted rambles and babbling insanity. It's usually when they have tried spanking your hands for whatever thoughts you have on the subject and find their little fat fingers just got in the way of their own ruler.

Such as what happened on Phil Munger's blog with one fool that went by the name of "WakeUpAmerica". Unfortunately for this mental midget it didn't realize I know of the Jew and Israel hating website, How stupid can one person be? Pretty stupid by the looks of it. Besides, I can't stand anyone that likes to spew their BS anonymously.

So now the best the fool can do now is refer to me as an ape. Oh, gee! I'm so upset and insulted!
Yeah right!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Shades of Israel 1948

It's interesting that Egypt has opened it's borders to people in Gaza supposedly to get humanitarian aid to them. BUT! If you read about what is going on, people in Gaza are packing their bags and shuffling themselves down into Egypt.

Doesn't that sound a bit like what happened after Israel became a State in 1948 and the surrounding Muslim countries called for the Arab/Muslim Palestinians to leave their homes. This was all for the purpose of planning on wiping Israel and it's Jews off the face of the earth.