Saturday, June 13, 2009

The left wing bloggers on the shootings at the Holocaust Museum!

You can hear the crickets chirping!

A couple of local nutjobs by the name of Linda Kellen-Biegel and Philip Munger have absolutely nothing on their blogs about it. I haven't looked at the rest because I'd be wasting my time.

Munger, who goes by the screen name "Gustav" (imagine that!) is slamming the Jews on his site though. What is so ridiculous about it though is he is using a video of drunk 20 somethings off of YouTube to show how nasty Jews are. I can only imagine the drunken, stoned out of their mind talk amongst the left wing liberal 20 somethings...I'm sure that is just full of love and peace, uh huh!

That is as pathetic as Eddie Burke using Wikipedia as a source of reference. *snicker*

Go choke on your horn, Phil! You're an idiot!