Thursday, June 01, 2006

Does coffee make the man?

It seems that to David Pringle it does! He's one chest pounding "white" dude that believes putting milk or cream in your coffee makes you a sissy.

"BTW I’m not a cappuccino sipping faggot, I take my coffee hot black and strong.", bellows David!

I'd say that is more a description of his brain cavity minus the brain.

If the man had an IQ of a fly he would realize it's just strong coffee with steamed milk added. I guess his European counterparts are girly-men then.

Just another day in "white power" land!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"The coward only threatens when he is safe"

A quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

What an interesting comment coming from a German turd that hated Jews.

Think of it! It fits a few of the local turds here in Anchorage and the surrounding areas. They believe you will run off crying if they point out different aspects of your life. What is odd is the reaction one gets when you do the same to them.
They get all bent out of shape, stutter and sputter while screaming "no fair"!

They only have courage in numbers. You never really hear about them going up against another person just one on one. Nah....they are insecure, afraid and unable to stand on their own two feet. They cry like babies when they are caught alone in any situation. They would also prefer someone else do their dirty work for them so they make suggestions. Another aspect of being a coward.

So our Jew hating poet Johann had first hand knowledge of cowards. The odd thing about poor old Johann was his fear of death. How typical!

Go figure!

Monday, May 29, 2006

George Orwell said it so well......

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

It seems a local "white nationalist" isn't very happy with me today! Well I guess living in Wasilla could be considered local but that is another story.

Anyhoo...Carl has a blog, and he posts Alaska news articles gathered from here and there peppered with words of wisdom of the white supremacist kind. What are their words of wisdom you ask? Well let me tell you....

They know how to read the Talmud. Yes, these white supremacists are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Hebrew and Aramaic! It's true! Just ask them.
Carl read it at the local library and knows everything about the Talmud there is to know, he said so. Or at least he implied.....Just ask him!

Carl also wishes our military people a "Happy Memorial Day to all" even those military personal who are in a mixed race marriage. Really he does! Just ask him!
he does post links to the "Turner Diaries" a book written by a man who abhorred race mixing and in this fictitious diary talks of hanging white women who married black men and placing a sign around their necks saying "I defiled my race." Ain't that special?

So Happy Memorial Day to all you people of African descent out there where ever you might be from Carl! Who loves ya baby?! Not freaking Carl that is for sure!

Carl also ran for school board here in Anchorage some time back. That and the Assembly.
Yep, he is terribly concerned about the kiddies edumacation here in ol' Alaskie! Aren't you Carl?
Just ask him!

He does believe we all have a case of "pedophilia Hysteria".
Must be accusing one too many white guys of doinking little girls/boys? Who knows....It's a mystery to me. He does warn the homosexual community of not recruiting anyone though....."One Matthew Sheppard was enough!" Or so he says....Just ask him!

Ve Vill yust leave zhat to zee guards in zee camps vhen zee time comes....zey like zee leetle boys and girls. YAH! YAH!
(s)Hitler was quite fond of children and animals...hmmmmmm!

So anyway....Carl is pissed off at me for insulting his integrity on his blog.
What integrity Carl? You are a liar and this is my blog! I will have you for dinner along with a local brewed beer!
And I will say....Just ask him!