Thursday, June 01, 2006

Does coffee make the man?

It seems that to David Pringle it does! He's one chest pounding "white" dude that believes putting milk or cream in your coffee makes you a sissy.

"BTW I’m not a cappuccino sipping faggot, I take my coffee hot black and strong.", bellows David!

I'd say that is more a description of his brain cavity minus the brain.

If the man had an IQ of a fly he would realize it's just strong coffee with steamed milk added. I guess his European counterparts are girly-men then.

Just another day in "white power" land!


Jimbo said...

I'm a faggot because I like cream in my coffee? What a crock. I'm sure he likes it strong, hot and black too. He must have been on his period.

Judith said...

What puzzles me is how something like milk in coffee is so threatening to his so called manhood!