Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"The coward only threatens when he is safe"

A quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

What an interesting comment coming from a German turd that hated Jews.

Think of it! It fits a few of the local turds here in Anchorage and the surrounding areas. They believe you will run off crying if they point out different aspects of your life. What is odd is the reaction one gets when you do the same to them.
They get all bent out of shape, stutter and sputter while screaming "no fair"!

They only have courage in numbers. You never really hear about them going up against another person just one on one. Nah....they are insecure, afraid and unable to stand on their own two feet. They cry like babies when they are caught alone in any situation. They would also prefer someone else do their dirty work for them so they make suggestions. Another aspect of being a coward.

So our Jew hating poet Johann had first hand knowledge of cowards. The odd thing about poor old Johann was his fear of death. How typical!

Go figure!


Anonymous said...

von Goethe did more for history than your pathetic existance ever will. You just don't like him because he isn't jewish, you fucking racist! BURN IN HELL RACIST PIG!

Glenorchy McBride III said...

I love your website, Beautiful Soul. Freedom Forever. As for the comment which preceded my own ~ fascinating that it would "anonymously" make its comment on the subject of nazi cowardice. I invite you to my own (far less professional) anti-racist website and facebook page at www dot the butterflysball dot com dot dot dot dot FUN!I really like your fierce personality. My facebook page is Glenorchy McBride III.