Saturday, September 09, 2006

Whoa! Was there a Jew(s) in Carl's family tree?

As I was reading a few of the quips in the comment section of Jackass Jack's blog, written by said blogger and Carl, I went back to an obit that I had found on the internet while doing some checking on this and that.

I noticed a certain family had arrived at Ellis Island in the year 1926, the same year the Hitler Youth of Germany was founded. How very odd this "white" nationalist's (Carl)family should leave at such a wonderful time for the people of Germany! I mean here is this great guy named Hitler, and his wonderful plans of a super race of people in the Fatherland, so why does this one family pull up roots and leave for the Golden Medina? Right there on the shores of "Jew York" as Carl and his "white" buddies would call it! So I started looking....and guess what!

I found out someone's granny has a Jewish maiden name. Which this says is listed, of all places, in the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Right there at the top of the "B" list. BAACK, not meaning "Their baack!" or "I'll be baack!" but this is a list of Jewish names and it's Baack! Granny Kate was a Jew? Was gramps also a Jew or was he trying to save granny Kate and the boys from eventually becoming ashes floating down on the towns around the concentration camps?

Very curious if you ask me, don't you agree Carl? Did *we* assimilate like a lot of frightened people who came to America? Afraid if you didn't get away from those Jewish roots someone would paint a large swastika on your house, beat up your kids or burn a cross on your lawn?

Who knows! The dead keep secrets.....

We may never know but one thing is for sure, if shit hits the fan and they started rounding up Jews once again Carl better make damn sure he has changed his name, dyed his hair and moved to some remote corner of the world.
After this.... they (your Jew hating friends) will be looking at you, Carl, and in the back of their minds there will be a small fire burning with the thought of your granny Kate and her Jewish maiden name of Baack!

I'll refresh their memories once in a while just because...

What were you saying about the "Day of the Rope" Carl? Maybe I'll just call you Shecky from now on.....

A little side noter here, a certain uncle was married to a Kupper back in 1946. Another Jewish name....?

Things David Duke, Hal Turner or the International Solidarity Movement will not show you!

Now isn't this an interesting item on Little Green Footballs!

I want to know why these "Palestinian" kids are standing around watching this? Shouldn't they be inside their homes where they would not be in a position of being hurt or killed?

Not just no, but hell no!

To these people it's just another chance at a photo opportunity so some damned, Jew hating, lying group such as BBC, David Duke or CAIR can plaster a wailing adult running around in circles with some dead child in their arms screaming, "Look what the filthy Israeli did to our children!"

By the way, there never was a country of Palestine....once these people figure that one out and stop using their children as weapons to wage an insane war over nothing the faster there will be peace.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

April Gaede tastes her own medicine!

It seems a few people have turned the tide on the ex-Lady Godiva (as Carl Loerbs referred to her as)turned super white supremacist mommy!
The SheWolf of the defunct National Alliance seems to be learning what it's like to have people circulate pamphlets warning the neighborhood about her lifestyle.
Something that is a favorite pastime of so called "white" groups such as Aryan Nations, National Vanguard, National Alliance and other assorted hate groups.
These same groups that April mixes with at local "white" power conferences but she just wants to live peacefully, side by side with ALL of her neighbors. Yeah right!

The only difference is these people didn't put the material in baggies, weigh them down with rocks and toss them in driveways during the middle of the night.
No they were out there in plain sight knocking on doors talking to people about the new people in town. Of course the "white" supremacist websites are all twitterpated over it using words like "vigilantes", "Jewish Hate Mongers" and a "mob" to describe the people handing out the fliers.

How dare they do something that is only allowed if you are April Gaede! Only someone white, blonde and pure *cough! cough!* as April Gaede can write out messages and put them on your property.
Messages that say her white, blonde, pure family *cough! cough!* are in danger if they live next door to a Mexican family or down the street from an African-American family or gasp! in the same town as a JEW!

Yes, it is funny to watch how indignant they get when someone turns the tables on them.