Thursday, September 07, 2006

April Gaede tastes her own medicine!

It seems a few people have turned the tide on the ex-Lady Godiva (as Carl Loerbs referred to her as)turned super white supremacist mommy!
The SheWolf of the defunct National Alliance seems to be learning what it's like to have people circulate pamphlets warning the neighborhood about her lifestyle.
Something that is a favorite pastime of so called "white" groups such as Aryan Nations, National Vanguard, National Alliance and other assorted hate groups.
These same groups that April mixes with at local "white" power conferences but she just wants to live peacefully, side by side with ALL of her neighbors. Yeah right!

The only difference is these people didn't put the material in baggies, weigh them down with rocks and toss them in driveways during the middle of the night.
No they were out there in plain sight knocking on doors talking to people about the new people in town. Of course the "white" supremacist websites are all twitterpated over it using words like "vigilantes", "Jewish Hate Mongers" and a "mob" to describe the people handing out the fliers.

How dare they do something that is only allowed if you are April Gaede! Only someone white, blonde and pure *cough! cough!* as April Gaede can write out messages and put them on your property.
Messages that say her white, blonde, pure family *cough! cough!* are in danger if they live next door to a Mexican family or down the street from an African-American family or gasp! in the same town as a JEW!

Yes, it is funny to watch how indignant they get when someone turns the tables on them.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

up yours

Judith said...

That is what the last guy said to April....speaking of which it might have been Pringle they are having a love-fest over on his blog. *snicker*

Anonymous said...

If you Jews would only stop pushing multiculturalism and gay rights and every other leftist agenda under the sun the white "supremacists" would have no problem with you. Most American Jews have a majority of European ancestry anyway.