Friday, July 07, 2006

Glenn Cravez can agree all he wants but.......

In today's (July 7, 2006)Anchorage Daily News letter section Glenn Cravez responded to a letter written by Khaled Zayed doing his usual boo-hoo over how this fictitious land of Palestine is ignored by the media.
Actually Khaled Zayed has been whining, whimpering and belly aching since right after September 11, 2001 when some of his fellow Muslims took out four passenger jets total by flying them into the WTC, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. Personally, I'm sick of hearing you Khaled!

Mr. Cravez of course tries to reason with Mr. Zayed over why Israelis and these fictitious Palestinians were being hurt but one thing Mr. Cravez doesn't seem to realize is Mr. Zayed doesn't care what he thinks, believes or feels.
What Khaled Zayed does believe is that Israel should not exist at all.
Like so many other pro-Palestinian Muslims that are occupying (would that make them occupiers?) space in the United States Khaled Zayed would just as soon see all the Jews blown to itty bitty pieces.
I wish these apologetic Jews would figure that one out! Maybe they would if they stopped screaming so much about stupid Christmas music in grade schools and spent more time worrying about other things.

Now I have something to do and this post will have to wait until later. Maybe I'm just so overwhelmed by the lack of thinking that goes on that I have to take a break and gather my own thoughts!

Palestinians replied to peace effort with more violence and war goes on

I agree with Khaled Zayed's June 29 letter that the Palestinian people are suffering ("Media pays more attention to Israel and often ignores the Palestinians"). Missing from Mr. Zayed's letter, though, is an explanation of why Palestinians, and Israelis, continue to suffer from tragic and unnecessary violence. It isn't enough to simply blame Israel.

Israel uprooted all Jewish settlers from Gaza last summer. Most Israelis supported this removal. Instead of making a reciprocal move toward peace, the Palestinians have launched rockets at Israeli civilians from Gaza almost daily. Israel cannot be expected to refrain from responding when its civilians are targeted and when the Palestinian Authority does nothing to stop attacks on Israeli civilians.

The Palestinian people freely elected Hamas, a terrorist organization that continues to receive support from Iran and Syria because it remains bent on Israel's violent destruction. Hamas supports and encourages violent attacks on Israeli civilians. Israel responds, targeting terrorists but inevitably hurting Palestinian civilians as well, and the tragedy continues.

The tragedy for the Palestinians is that their choices and failed leadership are hurting them as well as Israelis. Instead of harboring pre-1948 dreams of pushing the Jews into the sea, Palestinians should accept Israel's offer of a peaceful, two-state solution, Israel and Palestine living side by side, and focus on the development of their economy and country.

---- Glenn Cravez


Thursday, July 06, 2006

What makes freaks tick?

I peruse Hal Turner's website every now and then just to see what the nut-job from New Joisey is saying today. It really isn't much different one day to the next. A lot of ranting and raving over how other races and religions other than his are savages, parasites, vermin blah blah blah.

He's suggested that people fire rockets on political gatherings, attack people and you name it he suggests it. Hell, he likes making up stories about how he snuffs out minorities that attack him. He's either been watching too much "Pulp Fiction" or reading a chapter out of "The Turner Diaries" again. Someone should have drowned him at birth and done the world a favor.

The one thing I find interesting about this sociopath is his interest in harming children. He's written about whipping and lynching five year old black girls, laughs at the death of Anne Frank who was just a teenager when she died in one of sHitler's camps during WW2. On and on this whacked out mamzer (mamzer is an inbred) goes with his crazed rants about hurting or enjoying the pain and suffering of children.
You have to wonder what is on his computer!

I've invited the nut-job to come on over and discuss with me on my board his crackpot ideas. I highly doubt he will, being a legend in his own mind and all. He just doesn't have time for this.

He does have plenty of time to leech money off of mental midgets who listen to his internet shows and post their crap on his message and comment boards.
Do you suppose all that Ka-rap that he blames on others is just a reflection of him?
Are you a parasite Hal? Do you breed parasites? Yes! His wife probably looks like a freaking dust mite (not to insult dust mites).

It's his kind that need a good cleaning in the gene pool. Time for his kind to make an exit from the planet. Bring on the Clorox!

Come on down Hal! Let's chat.....