Saturday, July 22, 2006

White Nationalist Navy en route to Beirut to help Hezbollah

There you have it folks! Those inbred, alcohol guzzling, whore chasing, empty fat headed white guys are on their way to give a helping hand to their friends, the Jew hating Hezbollah!
Unfortunately I missed the glorious send off at the dock but a friend passed this picture along to me.

It just brings a tear to my eye! Someone please hand me a tissue because I just can't contend myself here. It's so touching, man!

Some of the greatest and finest are out there!

David Duke (he brought the film crew, don't forget the grease paint Dave you are looking a bit old)

Hal Turner (he'll tell campfire stories about beating up old Jewish men)

Shaun Walker (he got the OK from his lawyer)

David Pringle (don't forget your tent and map Dave)

Carl Loerbs (his political knowledge will be a plus)

Eric Gliebe (he can kick ass 'cause he is an ex-boxer. man!)

Don Black (do you suppose he has Jewish blood in him and his real name is Schwartz?)

Edgar Steele (he can sue when they skin their knees)

Alex Linder (he took his little black dress)

Frank Weltner (he brought accessories for the little black dress)

Kevin Alfred Strom (he'll be checking out the art work while wearing the little black dress when Linder and Weltner aren't fighting over it)

and there are more but too numerous to name. All heading out to help rid the world of those nasty Jews.
Just like their hero Herr sHitler did when he greased up the Grand Mufti back in the 1940s!

Bon voyage boys!

A hearty Thank you to Jimbo of B'nai Elim for the photo!

Friday, July 21, 2006

9/11 conspiracy nutjobs

I had the "great" opportunity last night to attend a talk done by Josef Princiotta about what really happened on September 11, 2001.
So far I know the United States government and the Jews did it or at least that is the impression Mr. Princiotta gave before the talk was through.
What I find odd is the fact that he had to mention that his mother's maiden name was Schwartz (pardon me if that is the wrong spelling). What the hell does his mother being a Jew have to do with anything? Is he apologizing or bragging? Maybe both....?
Does he feel that by announcing his own Jewish heritage he has the right to push his insanity? Yes, I believe it's insanity and not from the fact he lost a cousin in the WTC.

I wonder if the Rotary Club buys his rants? He did say he belongs to the group! I wonder if the IBEW union buys into this guys rants? They do have their fingers in the KUDO pot! Maybe I should ask them but I figured one or two members were possibly in the group cheering this self hating Jew on.

I wonder how many Alaska Jews consider this jerk a friend?

Hey Weena! You can pass this along to the retards you hang out with when you check my blog. LOL

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jew hating Pat Buchanan rides again!

I hate this old bastard! His last breath hasn't come soon enough in this life and if I ever meet him when he returns in the next I hope he ends up on my plate as a steak.

It might be tough but his last splash will be in the toilet.

Yeah, I know that is more information than you need but such is life!

Anyway....his most recent article is "Where are the Christians" and if he doesn't throw a number slams to Jews in this one I don't know what you could call them.

"Bush sounded less like the leader of the Free World than some bellicose city councilman from Brooklyn Heights"

"It is un-American and un-Christian."

"Who is whispering in his ear?"

Yep! Sounds like all the rest of the Jew hating garbage I read day in and day out!

I really love his remark about Lebanon being a "tiny" nation!