Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Websites, bloggers and the courts.

I'm not sure if the following comment was suppose to make me shiver in my shoes or let me know that websites like Hal Turner's will soon be out of business.

"Courts are asked to crack down on bloggers, websites
Those attacked online are filing libel lawsuits
By Laura Parker

The comment was concerning the post "Another non-sensical comment".
All I can say is there is nothing I print on here that isn't true, even the one about Pringle going to dizzyland. White supremacists reside there about every day of the week actually.

Anyone with a brain realizes what is printed on the web can usually be found if you dig long enough.
If someone like Turner, Pringle, Duke or any other turd says something, they should be careful how they use their words because it just might come back and bite them in the ass. So if anyone feels what I post on here is a lie too freaking bad. I only repeat what I read from the turds.

You see when there are blogs like this one "DAY OF THE ROPE" or that features the same reference to the "Day of the rope" I am not really too worried about some turd like Hal Turner, their wives, brats or a toady posting comments about how people are having legal actions taken against them.

So take your little USA Today articles and read them yourselves. Just remember to sound out those big words and everything will be A-OK!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the State Dept. upholds Kahane Chai as a terrorist organization. is under the microscope, but these sheep rapers like Turner are more or less ignored. Turner and their klan will keep up their krap no matter what. The hide under our constitution. Jews on the other hand are scapegoats. This all smells like krapola.


Judith said...

G-d doesn't ignore them and He will eventually deal with them.