Thursday, October 26, 2006

For the meatballs of the world....

I won't be posting your replies if they resemble typical nazi BS that deal with my blog. I know where I am, who I am and what I drink with my toast in the morning.
Which is more than can probably be said for you.

If you read any of the "'white supremacist" websites, blogs or message boards it is very well known that none of you really know what your roots are. It shows when I read everything from clowns who claim that Aztecs, Mayans and Egyptians were white, everyone but so called "white" people are animals or you go so far as to argue that only those who are blond haired and blue eyed are true "white" people. Then you have those who claim the Christian Bible is all lies manipulated by Jews BUT you talk of being the "true Israel" while posting "Allahu Akbar on your sites.

See, you just can't lay claim to a heritage because YOU DON'T HAVE ONE therefore you steal everyone else's.

So........ save yourself a lot of time and post on Hal Turner's site. He enjoys reading your flaky stupidity.
If you want to use your nazi BS to try and argue a point that is a different story. I might post your inane babble.
It's entertaining and easily debunked.


Freedom and Religion said...

I have one question for you, why would you even want to mess with Nazi's? IMPO you went looking for them to curse at, and when it back fired on you, you ran with your tail between your legs.
I am a strong, southern woman. I know my heritage, I know where my roots lay. I also know as far as "My Country" goes, it has been over ran by Liberal Extremist. I also know this country was never founded for Mexicans, Arabs, Jews, etc. (That also is applied to you and your Jew Kids!) So if you don't like my country and it's occupancies, you are more than free to go to your beloved Israel.

Anonymous said...

dear juden. my oven is on 350 warming up.

Judith said...

Dear "strong southern woman",

I have a question for you, do you even have a clue what a Nazi is? Are you a "Nazi" or do you don that crisp, white sheet and your hood on a warm Saturday night, drink long neck beers and talk about lynching some poor schmuck who happened to look at your cracker ass in the wrong way, then turn around go to church with your "cute" little tow-head (your children are blond haired and blue eyed right?) spawn the next day to sing praises to a God you probably have no clue about either.
I really would like to know!
I mean how much more Yankee Doodle Dandy can you get than Baseball, apple pie, mom and cross burnings on a Saturday night....or at least that would be your ideal.
Mine is making sure your gene pool is cleaned so we don't have you living out your beloved "Turner Diaries".
That is why I deal with turds like you.


I'm not sure how you figure I have ran from anything here. I'm not the one sitting cozy behind my computer ticking out replies anonymously but I've already made that quite clear. Nothing has back fired either. I'm just not going to post stupid remarks from some half-wit that still lives with their parents.You see if they aren't rambling some incoherent crap it's someone telling me they know where I live, yeah...I'm happy for you.

I have to give you credit for attempting some sort of dialogue.


I'm surprised you don't consider yourself a strong American woman and not a warmed up left over from 1865.
This is where the lack of roots come in. Are you still at war with the north? You sound confused.
Besides, I bet you can remember stories about how your granny/gramps arrived at Ellis Island. I'm sure you know who Kevin Alfred Strom is right? Well, his family slid in here on their slime trail and his mother never spoke English until she went to school. Roots? Like I said, you have none. Just a lot of confused thoughts and the idea the whole world belongs to your lily white asses.

Therefore, lady, if you don't like my country (United States of America) or it's people, you are more than free to pack up your carpet bag and move back to mother Europe!
Oh, that reminds me of something I was thinking of earlier, the use of European-American by the likes of David Duke and his lemmings is a hoot. That is another way to prove there are no roots in your life. Simple and generic for a simple and generic group of people.

Y'all come back now ya hear!