Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Third anniversary of "martyr" Rachel Corrie of the ISM.

Well we have heard the bull crap honoring this blonde bimbo and her death from not being smart enough to figure out motorized steel can kill. You can believe she did something great but explain to me what?It pretty much rates right up there with crying over a drunk driver who died in head on crash while ignoring the victims in the other car.

Of course the left wing boobs in Washington State had their readings in the streets for this dead heroine of theirs. Looking at this column in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCERhttp://seattlepi.nwsource.com/jamieson/263218_robert16.htmlRachel's story needs to be told, now Thursday, March 16, 2006By ROBERT L. JAMIESON JR.P-I COLUMNISTIf there were poetic justice, if Hollywood or the publishing industry had true courage, the story of Rachel Corrie would be coming to a big screen or bookstore near you.http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/jamieson/263218_robert16.html

I wonder if Ms. Corrie's white bread, waspy family fought for black civil rights back in the 1960s? I'd bet a pay check they didn't.......but this guy wants the world to know all about this great "martyr?" who was killed by Jews.By looking at the link below she wasn't fighting to bring peace to the Middle East that is a given!


Jews were a big part of fighting for black civil rights but I bet Mr. Jameison doesn't consider that when he writes his bull crap about some punk kid who spent her time spreading hate over in the Middle East. From what I've seen of many college kids they know very little of their own government let alone what the hell is happening in the Middle East! I'd bet if some white supremacist group burnt a cross on Mr. Jamieson's lawn and spray painted foul names on his home he would expect the Jews next door to speak up in his defense...even if they were evil Zionists. Pardon me while I puke!

And one more thing....Up your's Hollywood!


Jimbo said...

Please update this great blog! keep it up and don't stop writing. I have it linked to my blog rccreporter.com.

Johnny Newt said...

Wow this is very sad. I guess human life has no real value if you don't agree with someones politics.
I'm pretty sure this young woman was an actual human being , even if she believed in something different than you. I am very sure all your anger is justified and that everyone who cannot see things from your eyes does deserve to die a violent death,
hopefully it will be me next.

Judith said...

Well there, Newt old man, do you suppose Rachel gave a rats ass about anyone's politics that didn't agree with hers? Especially if it had anything to do with Israel?
I highly doubt it and her notion of peace was a bit twisted when she could stand in front of children while burning a hand drawn American flag.
So save your preaching for someone who gives a damn about it.
As for your wish about dying, seek help.