Monday, June 12, 2006

"It keeps you alive."

A quote from a Marine who spent time in Haditha, Iraq last November. An article in the Washington Post discussing the assumed massacres by our Marines in Haditha.

This reminds me of the local Alaskans for Peace and Justice group when they have one of their guest vampires, Karen Button, report about the goings on of the war in Iraq.
The problem with her reports are they are second hand and always coming from some "doctor" she met in a refugee camp, not exactly in Iraq!
It's more like Jordan or some other place where she has a higher rate of waking up alive the next morning.

She remarked at one of the AK4P&J meetings that she never went to Iraq because of the high probability of getting killed. By whom? Her buddies the Iraqis?
What a freaking joke the broad proves herself to be!

Anyhoo...this post will have to end here for the time being.

I do want to say before I go: IT'S A WAR STUPID! Civilians do get killed in wars!

That doesn't mean some 20 year old Marine sat up the night before planning on doing it. Maybe vampires like Karen Button and the idiots of the left wing media should think about that once in a while.
Put your brain, if you have one, in gear before you put your mouth in motion!

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