Saturday, September 23, 2006

"The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded." Obi-Wan

John "Birdman" Bryant

Yes, a skit from SNL came to mind while looking at this picture and the Obi-Wan quote from "Star Wars" was so appropriate!

This is the what the white supremacist groups consist of, nut-jobs that never had enough attention as a child.


Anonymous said...

you are way out of your league here

Judith said...

No, I'm posting what I always do on my blog.
If you are a clown like John Bryant, David Duke, Hal Turner, Alex Linder, Tom Metzger, August Kreis or any other freak that takes up the banner, I will plaster your stupid, greasy face on my website and make fun of you, slam you, make dirty jokes about your really doesn't matter to me. Everyone one of you scum bags are fair game!
Don't like it? Tough shit!

Anonymous said...

"Everyone one of you scum bags are fair game!"

Fair game? So be it. Fair is fair, right? kinda looks like you're fair game yourself, Jewess. Sleep tight.

Judith said...

We all know your kind of "fair game", oh anonymous one!
You hide behind your computer like the typical "tough *white* not so supreme-acist and post threats.
When you do step out and attack those you hate, which is just about everyone, it is usually with a group of your fellow punks and the victim is either alone, old and/or unable to fight back.
I bet you can beat up a paraplegic with both hands and one foot tied behind your back!

I know I'm impressed......