Tuesday, December 12, 2006

David Duke and freedom of speech

Photo courtesy of Doktor Duke's website give or take some artwork

I see Doktor Duke was invited to speak at the "Holocaust Conference" in Tehran, Iran.
The conference, a brain fart of Iran's Dictator (so called President) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is being praised by the likes of Doktor Duke.

I find it odd that Doktor Duke talks about freedom of speech in a country like Iran where there really isn't freedom of speech! How very telling of this FUBAR David Duke, the ex-sheet wearing grand lizard of the Krock of Krap Klan.

I'm wondering who pays Doktor Duke's way in life when it comes to such visits? Is Doktor Duke's deep pockets lined with dirty money from the same terrorists who blew up our Marines in Beirut back in 1983? Yup, Doktor Duke likes to rub elbows with Muslim terrorists don't you Doktor?

More about this self-absorbed clown later. I have things to do at this moment but it was just a thought that needed to be put down in print.

One more thought here....Duke! I hope you choke to death before I get back to this.

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