Monday, February 18, 2008

Code Pink: Women who could use a piece!

Today I was booted off the message board of the local Air America Alaska Station, KUDO 1080.

Of course they will use some excuse that I used a "dirty" word or insulted someone.
I highly doubt that had much to do with it considering what harpies the left can be but it's no skin off my nose. Life goes on and the internet is big!

It just makes me wanna cry man!

So why was I booted off their message boards?
It was because I posted a thread dealing with what is going on in Berkeley, California with the city council and the local Marine Recruiting Station. Not one of them wanted to address the situation going on there and one dumb broad kept blabbering about Bush.

Oh yeah! Just the typical it only happens because Bush is a fascist and the world hates us.
Don't comment though on how the Berkeley City Council is allowing the likes of Code Pink to harrass anyone going in and out of the recruiting station while calling our military people "baby killers".

I bet the pussy mayor wouldn't allow them to do the same at an abortion clinic, of course not!

Anyway a couple of links to videos, stories and places you can sign petitions to stop what is going on in Berkeley.

A video of Code Pink blocking the doors here. The thang with the bullhorn looks like a crack ho they brought in from a local alley to help them out for a couple of rocks.

Code Pink had to round up the uneducated, future welfare mothers from the local high schools to help them out.

Pictures and more information on these two sites:

Move America Forward website here

Zombietime website here

I could post Code Pink's but just look under "hairy armpits are us" and you should find them or any other left wing schmuck doing what they do best, not much.


Anonymous said...

can you just say no more wars for israel?

Anonymous said...

You suck! I'm Glad that you were kicked off of the KUDO message boards, you never had anything of value to add, and you are obviously in need of some sort of mental help.

Besides, what's a right wing hate monger like you spending time on KUDO's 'Leftist' site anyway?


Good Ridance!

Judith said...

I go to the "leftist" crap hole to voice my opinion like you just did here. The only difference is, I won't delete your comment but your a-hole friends on the left will.
Next time you come by please leave your name instead of being a chickenshit.
Now go die and do us all a favor.