Monday, June 21, 2010

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Our local horn blowing composer Phil Munger has posted a picture on his blog of one of the men of the IDF that boarded the Mavi Marmara . The picture shows the soldier standing at the top of a ladder on the boat with his right hand behind his head and the other hand being held by someone behind him.

picture from ZioMania

You can see the guy has taken a pretty good beating and from experience in the past I know that for a person to look this bad it wasn't just a scuffle.

Below this picture on his blog our local horn blowing composer Phil posted his pathetic thoughts on it and it goes like this:

"A young IDF soldier, possibly the one from whom the book was taken, after his capture. He is being led down to the dispensary. He survived. He does not look very courageous. I wonder what this kid did when his unit gave him a replacement weapon after they got him released from the passengers? This last image isn't a screen shot from the video, it was taken by Adem Ozkose/Gercek Hayat Magazin."

Now this remark made by Phil is about as stupid as you would expect to come from as big a baton waving prick as he is, especially after I did a trace of the same picture and came up with a site that has a treasure trove of other photos of this young soldier along with at least one other soldier.

Now this is a link to a website named ZioMania which has more pictures of what was going on at the time. The second picture shows where there is blood running from around the eye of the soldier where he has just been hit hard enough to cause this sort of damage. The caption on that site states something different from what our friend Phil Munger has stated. It says the soldier is struggling with his attackers and NOT BEING TAKEN TO THE DISPENSARY as Phil would like you to believe.

The third picture down on this site if you look really close in the lower right corner is a hand holding a knife and what looks like a the head of a hammer in another photo along with the metal bars being held by the two terrorists in the tenth picture down.

And what is really an eye catcher is the amount of blood on the stairs after they have dragged the soldier down the stairs, probably on their way to the "dispensary". That is where you were saying they were going, right, Phil?

Now Phil I want you to picture these two young people here just doing their peace protest thing. You did raise them to "question authority" right? You and the old lady like to stand around holding signs right? They have both probably ran their big yaps more than once I would imagine.

picture from (May 25, 2010 Phil Munger)

Now picture the so called peaceful protest gone wrong and they end up beaten, stabbed and bloody. Would you ask if they were looking courageous or not? Would you be smug and snotty?
Or would you cry like a baby?

Of course your brats are not in the middle of an ocean with Muslim terrorists ripping them off ropes before they hit the deck so you can rest easy. I doubt either one of them have enough guts to do anything close to that. They have a punk for a father that can only tell people to sit down when he knows there won't be an argument. So rest assured they will only stand around with the rest of the unwashed left holding signs on a safe American street corner hoping a car honks at them.

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