Thursday, July 13, 2006

What would Jesus do? Ask Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for CAIR he knows!

I love CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) they keep me entertained every time I read their website. There was a time they even answered my email but they seemed to have figured out I wasn't an easy convert to their ideas, so now when I write something I never get a response. That is OK with me there are plenty out there and they keep coming every minute.

It seems CAIR is upset with another person that just can't or won't kowtow to them and tell them what wonderful people Muslims are. This gentleman's name is the Reverend O'Neal Dozier from Florida and you can read more about the story in the Herald Tribune

What I found interesting about the story is the remarks addressed to Rev. Dozier by Ibrahim Hooper in the above article,

"He might take a look at his Bible again and see what Jesus what would do in these circumstances," Hooper said. "I doubt that Jesus, peace be upon him, would seek to increase divisions and hostilities in the society in which he lived. Jesus preached love and respect, not hatred and mistrust."

To begin with why didn't Mr. Hooper quote from his Quran on love, respect and everything else he speaks of? Isn't this about his Quran being a book that speaks only of hate, killing and evil?
Why would you start quoting from another source when you are defending yours?

Could it be that Mr. Hooper couldn't find quotes from Mohammad on peace and love like he is saying Jesus spoke of? And maybe Ibrahim should think about it a bit more because Jesus did create divisions, well not him necessarily but those who did or did not embrace him, that have been felt for the last 2000 years.
Besides, Jesus wasn't all about love and tip-toeing through the tulips and flashing peace signs at love-ins. You just have to pay attention and stop the "selective hearing" attitudes.

I believe it's Mr. Hooper that needs to do some reading and for that matter he needs to start quoting full texts, not just bits and pieces, from his Quran where Mohammad demands that his followers practice love, respect to everyone (not just fellow Muslims) and not hatred or mistrust!

It's good to see someone stand up and tell CAIR to stuff it for a change. Maybe the ADL should pay attention and stop printing apologies to this group every time Ibrahim Hooper threatened to hold his breath and turn blue.

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