Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hal Turner responds......

Why is it the remark from Hal Turner, that I have quoted below, sounds so much like a child of about 10 years old?
Remember when you were in grade school and the dork of the class was always coming off with this tough little front. If you said something to them they would puff out their chest and tell you what was going to happen if you stepped on their side of the playground again. Before recess was over someone would tell them to shut up and the dork would slink off to the swings mumbling to themselves. Well, that is how I look at Hal and his threats.

On his website he has threatened to go to Chicago to pull some illegal alien out of a church and now he's going to "beat me up" too! I mentioned he could probably beat up the woman's 7 year old son while he was at it as that would be right up his pathetic alley!

Too bad I'm not seven years old huh, Hal? You would probably wipe the floor with my 40 pound female frame and not muss one hair on your head while doing it.
You are such a puss.....sheesh! email address, name and phone number have already been plastered on the web so you are a day late and a dollar short.
Where I live is probably no big secret either.
So take your broken down, aging, fat ass *Christian (borrowed) Identity* threats and shove them up your big butt and pull it out your ear. Because I don't is that for a childish comeback to a childish adult male?

Not to mention you have never, ever told me to stay off your site, to stop posting comments or anything else you claim. Stop lying it's disgusting! Grow up you bum!

I have repeatedly asked you to cease posting here. I have repeatedly banned your IP address from this forum, my web site and audio feed.

Still, you come here where you are not wanted and post when you've been asked nicely to stop.

I'm done asking. Either you stop posting here or I will post your full name, street address in Anchorage, home telephone number and private e-mail address so that all my fans can call you and tell you what they think of you.

I have had enough of you. You are not welcome on my web site. Get off and stay off.

Hal Turner"

Ahhhhhhh Shaddup!


Anonymous said...

hey judith that bastard shut down lightening radio network a month ago and now he backup under a new radio station name called bravehost radio ask him to do a show for ya

Anonymous said...

commie bitch

William Stanzler said...

I was told exactly the same thing, only Hal was not quite as nasty with me as he was with you. He told me to leave, and I did not, and he banned by IP address, and said I must be dense, because his site was only for "straight, white, non-Jews" and I was pissing on what he was trying to accomplish. I was heartbroken, of course, by this news, as I am sure you are.

Judith said...

Hal has to keep a few of us around it keep his creatures happy.