Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yankee Jim Leshkevich....

Now I remember you! Howyadoin'?

You were the smiling face pictured giving over your dirty money to the American Cancer Society a couple of years ago!
Too bad they didn't want it, huh? I remember passing along that lovely article about you to others so they could read it and go; "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ain't that cute".
They really didn't say that but I did hear some applause when the ACS gave you back the money.
Funny how things like that happen when others work together to make it so, huh!

So what exciting, ethical things did you do with that $857 they handed back to you?

If you still have it around Strom could use it right now for that divorce. Maybe send it to Mrs. Pringle so her man can check out porn sites all day long.
Hey! I know! Send it to Chester Doles' old lady so she doesn't starve to death. Although that might take a while by the looks of it....

Have a good day Jimmy boy!

*snicker snicker*