Friday, November 03, 2006

It didn't go his way and Hal is whining again.

Before PayPal SUPPOSEDLY cut off Hal's account it seems he didn't have much problem with them being a "Jew" owned business. Why is that Hal? I posted the question to him twice on his website but he doesn't want to put it up on his site.

I guess when there is no sensible answer to it, someone like Hal will just side step it.

What is really funny would be the idea that because of him the place was bombed!
The only thing that has been bombed due to him would be his blushing bride on their wedding night. I'd have to be drunk to marry a clown like him, too!


"Editorial Comment: PAYPAL shut off my account claiming my site was a "hate" site, held my money for six months before releasing it and subsequently, someone lobed a small explosive at their building. Funny how this jew scumbag company got a comeuppance! Gee, what a coincidence." Hal Turner

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