Monday, November 06, 2006

David "the puke" Duke uses the military to push his Jew hating agenda.

If he isn't pushing some self-hating bitch like Judy Andreas (more on her later) he's using pictures of military coffins to tell the world why the Jews should be wiped out.

As usual someone like David Duke believes he speaks for the military as a whole.
The only ones you can actually speak for Davie boy is your pack of vampires called "white" nationalists. Although you do love using people to push your propaganda, like Judy Andreas. If your little race war ever came to fruition
the likes of Ms. Andreas wouldn't even be washing the skid marks out of either you or your mother's nasty underwear.
She would be hanging by her scrawny neck from a lamppost after being tortured and raped by your "white" nationalist vampires.

By the way Davie boy, do your eyes move independently and can you catch flies with your tongue? When I look at your picture it reminds me of one of those body snatcher movies where some lizard creature from planet X takes on human characteristics.


William the Bloody Bad Poet said...

Personally I think David Duke is a very handsom man. Just my opinion, as this is a post which mostly commenting on his looks.

Judith said...

The post wasn't about this clown's looks. I wouldn't expect you to see past that though.
Otherwise, I don't care about your opinion and the word is handsome not handsom.