Thursday, November 09, 2006

Judy Andreas thinks Hal Turner is icky.

She really didn't use the word "icky" but after having an email exchange with her that is how I view her way of dealing with life.

"As far as putting me on your site with Hal Turner, that makes me sick. He's a foul mouthed moron." Judy Andreas

"I have never heard anyone say anything nice about Hal Turner. I think he's a hateful nut.
Unfortunately, every now and then ...someone posts an article that he wrote (tho' I doubt he writes anything) I have sent them his website and told them about him.

I doubt whether they all run in the same circle. Hal Turner is a black mark on anyone.
He may support Fromm.....but I am sure that Fromm doesn't support him." Judy Andre

To her sort life is either "yummy" or "icky". A bit childish? Yes, I believe so. Otherwise she just hates herself and her heritage so much she spends her day running in those circles trying to appease the very people who hate her for being born a Jew. Like defending Paul Fromm and basking in the glow of David Duke's praise of her on his website.

Judy get a clue! The only way they want to have you "bask" is in the glow of a large furnace.

Picture courtesey of David Duke website.

He couldn't have picked a better photo for her. It reminds me of a puppy listening to a squeak toy. Speak, Judy! Speak! Nice dog.....fetch the Jew haters slippers girl! Maybe he'll pat you on the head.

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Michael said...

My God, I truly cannot think of a more juvenile and outwardly hateful summary of a person by someone holding different views - about anything.
Freedom of speach is among the most cherished inalienable rights endowed unto humans by our creator, and I demonstrate why.
Your deliberately hate-filled references and small-minded derisions reveal what truly lies in your soul - and I think that that realm is a dark, depraved and foul place, indeed.