Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was perusing some of the local Jew haters sites just a few minutes ago and came across something so telling I had to post it.

It seems Carl Loerbs of Alaska Pride blog had been doing his own perusing of another Jew haters blog, Anti-Semite Sam.

In the comment section of Sammy's blog Carl Loerbs makes such a telling remark I had to repost it here. It pretty much proves that these ass holes will go out of their way to make things up just to accuse the Jews of it.



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Anchorage Activist said...
Glad to see you've joined the blogosphere - been meaning to stop by and leave my thoughts.Joodaft, the object of your attention, clearly epitomizes the characteristics of Jews that you've described. If she didn't exist, we would have to invent her. Those who don't understand the problem of Jewish supremacism need only read her comments on various pro-white sites to recognize her duplicity and her fanaticism. She's so obsessed with us she hasn't even posted on her junk blog since December 12th.As a matter of fact, Joodaft has more in common with Jim Ramm of the NSM than with any local Jews. You've probably noticed on VNN Forum that when Jim Ramm interacts will Bill White, he doesn't discuss national socialism, but instead relentlessly attacks White's character. Joodaft is the same way. She attacks character rather than employs reason.Look forward to seeing more of your posts!
March 3, 2007 12:42 PM


So, they would have to make me up if I didn't exist? That pretty much proves my point that anything they use as so called ammo to accuse the Jews or anything and everything is made up.
Why would they have to do this? Well, it's pretty simple really, people like Carl Loerbs hasn't figured out why his life has always been useless.

And the remark about having more in common with some fat white guy fighting with another fight white guy than I do any local Jew means what?

The problem with the two fat white guys, White and Ramm, is they both want to be boss. That is a really big problem with these fat white guys. They all want to run the show, they all want to sit on their ass and give orders. They all want the seat at the head of the fat white guy table.

That isn't my problem. I don't want nor do I require that feeling of having to run the show.
No man or woman for that matter runs the show. G-d runs the show. I just work with what He hands me and go from there. No matter if it's a "junk blog" or some other item to fight the hate.

As for the notion my blog is junk....hell's bells Carl! At least the local newspaper didn't have to get on my ass over cutting and pasting from their website! Like all the other cut and paste crap you do.

At least my blog consists of what I think and not what I can cut and paste.

By the way, I'm quite honored to be compared to Queen Esther! Thanks still have to answer to my G-d though. Maybe not today but soon enough......


Anti-Semite Sam said...
Thanks for the comment and it is so true.... Joodaft is as rabid as they come. She is the modern day version of Esther.... "Lets kill all they Gentiles" type. She's fun to play with but there in lies the problem. While fun to play with, like a snake, she still has fangs (of a sort) and will bite. Just like other Joo's for that matter. We must know our enemies.

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Ibrahamav said...

I saw your blurb on Rizzo antisemitic blog misnamed peacepalestine.

Good comment