Friday, July 20, 2007

You don't say Senator Byrd!

Ah, yes!
they would pay dearly for such cruelty. If they do it to an animal they have no problem doing it
Senator Byrd is pissed off to the max over a football player who seems to be mixed up in illegal dog fighting.

I don't like the bastards that do things like this either, they are evil people! If I had my way to a human and that is a fact!

What amuses me is the history of Senator Byrd and the KKK. I wonder if he believes a hot spot in hell is saved for some of his ex-buddies (?) there?

I doubt we will hear much about that from the old Senator but I'm not surprised! Are you?


Anonymous said...

eat shit- we have not forgotten

Judith said...

You expect me to believe someone who seems to have forgotten how to spell their name? Now that is funny! Don't come here again and leave a comment you chicken shit if you can't even use your real name! Now go back to picking your damned banjo and STFU!

Anonymous said...

Tsk, Judith you're so full of hate of white people. You're acting exactly like a Talmudic Jewess White Nationalists describe. ROTFLMAO, and I know you're not smart enough to grasp that. Keep up the good work! Keep hastening the day when you Jews get booted off of planet earth.

P.S. I signing this in as "anonymous," not because I'm scared of your silly self, but because I can see how much it bothers you.

Judith said...

No, you aren't using your name because you are afraid....of everything, period!