Monday, July 30, 2007

Carl wants you to protest even if the accused is a Jew?

Carl writes:
"One other blogger was sufficiently incensed to post a suggested course of action for those who are equally outraged. The editor of the Halal-Pig blog provides a recommended course of action to protest the arrest of Shmulevich (Note: If you're reluctant to protest because Shmulevich is a Jew, at least consider protesting to object to the statutory enforcement of political correctness):"

Yes folks! The same Carl Loerbs I posted about in June of 2006 with the Jewish granny and Jewish auntie. Carl, Carl, Carl where is your rant about this guy who flushed the Koran down the toilet!?
Don't you see the irony of you not taking the argument that all the perp is doing is creating more problems for fat "white" guys on myspace. Who also have their profiles on dating sites when they are supposed to be married! So much for those "white" morals, huh?

Whoops! Got a little distracted there and got off topic!

So Carl is telling people to protest this as opposed to jumping up and down screaming about the trouble making Jew. I'm a bit confused, considering it's coming from Carl I shouldn't be!

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