Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shaun Walker ex-chairman of National Alliance goes to prison.

"Shaun A. Walker, the group's national chairman, was ordered to spend 87 months behind bars and Eric G. Egbert, an associate, was given a 42-month term. "

Ain't that just a sad state of affairs for these two fellas? Yeah, right!
Maybe this will give them some time to work on their problems with alcohol and whatever drugs they like to ingest on a daily basis.

For a group of people who claim they want to be left alone, "white supremacists"....er...sorry I mean "white nationalists" (MY BAD........BFEG) sure go out of their way to get into people's faces. Shaunie boy if you had just drank your booze and went home to sleep it off you wouldn't be looking at the possible chance of being someone's bitch!

Don't bend over in the shower boys!

You can read the stories here: Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News

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